DK (dontknow) wrote,


got the sutures out today.

And so now my neck is bugging me below the sutures (the area that is bugging is basically at the front of the shoulder.) The sutures hide below most of the neck line of my shirts--the V part of the buttons does show the seam. Kinda low for pulling out a thyriod, but it'll show up less once it heals I guess.

So I suppose the part of me that is feeling bugged is just upset that it got left out. Or maybe there is still some form of residual drainage. The doctor took out the drainage tube on Wednesday, and it didn't heal over and kept leaking until late on Saturday. Even today the band-aide wasn't 100% clean. So there might be a bit of fluid still being generated. After all, my body is missing a big lump of material (supposedly the removed thyroid was over 3" long.)
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