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No wonder Americans can't afford their medical bills.

I was in the hospital for under 28 hours a few months ago (check-in about 8AM Monday morning, left before noon on Tuesday.) I was doing approximations and adding up the total cost of the bills since every entity involved bills independently (the hospital room, the surgeon, the pharmacist, the anesthesiologist, etc.) The total of the bills that the hospital sent the insurance was over 40K. I paid under 1K and the insurance letters to me added up to them paying under 10K and adjusting the other 30K. So the hospital and doctors billed insurance for 30K more than what was reasonable, and because I have medical insurance the price was brought down to a reasonable level. If I didn't have insurance, I can image being billed being a full 40K. wowsers! if hospitals were honest in what they charged, maybe more people could afford to go there and pay their bills.
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