DK (dontknow) wrote,

new car

I had been tired of my 95 subaru legacy for a few years. I'm sure that with a little TLC and some money it would be in great shape and stay on the road for many more years. But since I wanted a new car I upgraded to a Subaru Forester. Now I'm going to have to get used to the much taller (and slightly shorter) car. Like highway cornering won't be the same (it was fun going around corners 15mph over the yellow warning sign.) The gas mileage should be about the same (assuming that the EPA estimates aren't too far off), although the old legacy recommended 89 or better gas and the forester is fine with 87 or better (that and when the legacy was new I could tell the difference even between 89 and 91.) So maybe my gas bill will go down, but I know my insurance bill will go up. It also takes away from my house down payment savings, so I'll probably wait until next year to get a house, although the prequal letter I got a while ago was for a small enough down payment that I could still do it, but I was hoping to do 20% down. Hey, priorities, right? relatively inexpensive rent and new car that handles jeep trails better, or old car that was annoying me and maybe higher mortgage (assuming I could get a loan even with the prequal.)
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