DK (dontknow) wrote,


My car isn't even a month old and its time for its first oil change. Its first oil change is scheduled for a shorter interval than subsequent ones.

And it needs a car wash. The rain yesterday washed off a bit of the mud, but its still muddy.

And I like having a cheap USB thumb drive to hold the tunes. Tons of random music rather than what fits of a CD. In my legacy I had gotten used to just not driving in silence.

Last weekend I did find a few flakes of gold.

I've learned that I can get better gas mileage without using cruise control than I can with cruise control. At one point the mpg display was at 29.7mpg. lots of downhill. It actually doesn't get 29 or higher very often. Too much effort not using cruise control so I think that I'll just pay the 1-2 mpg loss.
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