DK (dontknow) wrote,

dredging in a wet suit and snorkle

There's something serene about sitting in a cold mountain river being nice and warm, albeit wet, watching rocks being sucked up a nozzle and hearing them go into the sluice box.

Now if only the engines powering things weren't so loud.

Oh yeah, and if only there was more gold in the river. Although if there was more gold more people would be out there, although on Saturday there was too many already.

Next up I need some weights, or else some rope to use as a tether.

Oh, and I need some way to keep the tent drier. I guess my tent is only water resistant. I had a blue tarp of it, but it didn't quite cover two parts of it, so every time I touched those while I slept water seeped in. I probably should have turned the tarp. But what I think I need is an outer tent of tarp so that I can have a roof over the front entrance and be drier getting into the tent. Maybe just some poles, ropes, and a bigger tarp. Or maybe this: Hrm, my tent is almost 7'x7' or something over 6'x6'. so inside a 10x10 it might be too tight of a fit for me to put on a wet suit inside of it. maybe? a 10x12 would be nicer. But something like that over my tent. Or else just getting a family-sized water proof tent would work too.

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