DK (dontknow) wrote,


Still stuck at roughly 200 pounds. bah. And now it is winter time. That makes exercising hard. Its dark when I leave home and its dark when I leave work. I should move further south, Arizona or New Mexico. First I gotta get rich and wealthy and be able to no longer work. Isn't that everybody's dream? I hate the people who abuse power, and rich people tend to have more power and be more abusive, but wealth itself isn't to be hated.

However WA has opened up beaches to gold mining, so I can still do stuff on weekends. I need to file the permits so that I can go out there. The mountains here get snowed in. Why is there so much snow at 1500 feet? Its like it starts in November and isn't gone until June. WA is weird (says the guy from CO.)

And I got me a new toy at home. An Arduino (they're inexpensive.) I'll probably be bored of it in a week, but oh well. There are a few things I'd like to play with with electronics, so maybe (or maybe not.)
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