DK (dontknow) wrote,

it's the 3rd of July!

So, I don't like being old. So I figured that today I turned 24. But in some ways I like doing it in base-2 since it is 100 100. Kinda a neat number.

I remember when I first got my current job and I was still 21h old. I told my coworkers that I was 21, and the look on the one lady's face was priceless. Cause I really did look early 30s at the time (33 if you can't do the math of what 21h is). So she was trying to rectify 21 and 33 and didn't come up with hex until some other people on the team told her. She's was 23 or 24 (decimal) at the time, so she was flabergasted that I'd only be 21.

Anyways, the real thing about today is that it is a holiday since the 4th is on Saturday. I like paid holidays on my birthday.
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