DK (dontknow) wrote,


I was up in the mountains yesterday and it was snowing on me. When I was in CO, there wouldn't be much snow at 3500-4000 feet (err, 5000-6000 feet since CO isn't that low.) But it is nice getting up into the mountains. There were some nice views.

Oh yeah, and there was this patch of snow/ice that almost got me stuck. I was going up it with my car at an angle to the direction of travel. but it was on a banked corner, so I suspected that trying to go in reverse to get out of the patch of snow would have been deadly. But the patch wasn't very long and I made it through. That was at like 3800-3900' and the road was clear until I hit a corner at about 4100' and made a corner that took me down hill. I should try to remember my camera (and to use it once in a while. Even though digital pictures are free, I'm not in the habit of taking pictures all the time.)

I didn't stop to find gold, although I do have permission to mine some of the rivers I was following. I was kinda just scouting the areas enjoying the scenery, etc. But there was too much rain and I don't like the rain. I don't like the water coming at my head.
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