DK (dontknow) wrote,


So what I did was get a new tent. One that's big enough for me to change in, as well as stand up in (woo for 4 person family-sized tents.) I'm sure the only thing wrong with the old tent is that I was sleeping straight instead of diagonally and I was touching the ends. even if I was at 90degrees I'd have been OK since that was where the tarp covered everything. But having a tent big enough to let me put on a wetsuit is nice (yes, putting on a 7mm wetsuit is a pita.)

But what does it mean when a 2-stroke engine is exhausting blue smoke? I'm about to put in a mandate that I won't ever touch a 2-stroke engine again.

Oh, and I found out what I'm doing wrong panning. I'm glad I've been keeping stuff, but now I need to re-pan a bunch of stuff. But that's why I kept so much material so far.
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